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 Wall Painting

The Chronicle of 'Them',

mural, acrylic on wall, Brashnar AiR, Skopje, Macedonia 2017

(text on wall by artist Kenneth Moore)


" They stand ostentatiously obsequious peering across the void, infinitely transposed,

given over to obsessive trepidation morally imposing Their countenance...


Inexplicably bound by a palpable obedience,

They unequivocally urge Us to propagate...


Invulnerable yet desperate, The want to obscure Their transformation of the weak and powerful,

but the cracks silently overcome and emerge the Sold-jers..."

Exuberant Discourse,

acrylic, wheat paste, paper, and charcoal on wall, undisclosed locations, Skopje Macedonia 2016

(text on wall by artist Kenneth Moore)




A Place to Stay, video documentation, 2014

During the summer of 2014, Macedonian artist Ankica Mitrovska and American artist Kenneth Moore, financially unable to provide traditional housing set out to document their experience as so called “vehicular dwellers” by living in a vehicle for two months. Going mostly unnoticed by the general population, they learn how to continue to be productive in their daily routines while attempting to be resourceful with their surroundings.
This project is intended to give viewers a close-up experience to the everyday life many Americans are forced into living due to social and economic misfortunes.

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