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Community Based Projects





Brashnar Creative Project (ongoing)


Founded in 2016 by artists Ankica Mitrovska and Kenneth Moore, Brashnar Creative Project is a non-profit artist-run initiative in Skopje, Macedonia. The Brashnar Creative Project  is founded on the care for the local community with its social and cultural development and the interests in self-sustaining lifestyle while engaging in contemporary artistic practices. Our first project is an Artist-in-Residence program.

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Corn Bags Play

Corn Bags Play, recycled spandex, local corn and thread, interactive public installation, Outpost Residency, Springfield, Missouri, 2015.


This interactive public installation consists of 200 individually sewn bags out of recycled spandex material in different sizes, forms and shapes filled with local corn kernels ( Missouri corn kernels).  The elasticity of the spandex allowed the corn bag characters to be easily mold, stack, stretch and change shape. All these aspects allow the participants to transform the individual bags into a designs or characters of their own imagination. 

The Drawing Box

The Drawing Box, recycled wood, paint, drawing materials, paper and cow bell, a performance-based interactive installation, Outpost Residency, Springfield, Missouri, 2015 


This  collaborative project with artist Kenneth Moore was made during our stay as artist residents at the Outpost Residency in Springfield, Missouri.  This work is inspired by a personal encounter with a piece of public art in Yokohama, Japan as part of the Yokohama Triennial in 2011.

The Drawing Box is constructed of locally reclaimed materials such as wood, paint, drawing materials and paper through the process of upcycling. The box temporarily isolates the artist into the small space while visually obscuring both audience and artist from each other. The artist upon the sound of a bell (ringed by a local passersby) gets in to the process of creating high energy drawing at a fast pace relying on expressive mark-making to quickly communicate an idea. The passersby is awarded with a unique drawing that gets to keep. The Drawing Box serves as both a public art spectacle and an art-producing mechanism, churning out drawings that are unique to the specific shared moments during which they are created.


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