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"Urban Tag" live interview at Macedonian TV21, 15 March 2018

Ankica Mitrovska Untitled (The Observer)

"Featured Artist: Ankica Mitrovska"


     February 2019 |  J.Mane Gallery (online)

"Ankica Mitrovska"

    Winter 2016 | The Artist Catalogue, a quarterly publication for emerging artists

    Volume 5, Issue 4 (online)  6-page spread  pg. 36- 41    (An interview)



   Summer 2016 | NYSAI Press' literary magazine, Staten Island, New York  

   online issue p. 22 (Featured one work)

"Featured Artist: Ankica Mitrovska"

  January 29, 2016 | The Daily Palette

   The University of Iowa Online Project 


"Featured Article: Ankica Mitrovska"

   Summer Edition 2015| Nazish Chunara

   Venison Online Magazine  (An Interview)

"Figurative Art Exhibition"

   July 2015| Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (A Catalogue)  

"May Meeting Recap: ARTS in the Park" 


   May 27, 2015| Branden Schwab

   Springfield Creatives  (An Review) 

"Ankica Mitrovska at Riverviews Artspace"

   Lynchburg, Virginia (An Overview)

"Riverviews Artspace highlights exhibit featuring cartoon-like mutant characters"

   March 11, 2015| Casey Gills

   The Burg/News online   (An Interview)

 The Burg: Newsadvance, Lynchburg, VA , a cover story


"Alumna Ankica Mitrovska returns to UAH for a solo art exhibition"

   Jan 23, 2015| Joyce Anderson-Maples  (An Interview)

Direct Art Magazine,


Vol.21 (Edition 2014/15), Slow Art Production, Hudson, New York

2-page spread: pg. 42-43 (print) or pg.44-45 (online)





"Who's watching you right now?: MFA thesis watches the watchers." 


  Baughman, Michael. 

  (A Review and A Cover Page in F5 Magazine, Wichita, Kansas 2014)


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